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One for the Morning Glory

The most surprising thing about this book is its source. John Barnes is best known for writing some deeply unpleasant science fiction. This is an author whose works prompted someone on rec.arts.sf.written to devise the rule that "John Barnes books containing forcible sodomy are bad." And yet, he wrote this delightful little fantasy romp. Go figure. Read More »

Wake Up! Other Cinematic Dystopias Besides The Matrix

The Matrix isn't the only dystopian cinematic vision that encourages philosophizing. Here are other films of a similar bent... Read More »

Why The First Matrix Is Still Better Than Reloaded

Watching Reloaded, you get the feeling the Wachowskis had a strong need to top themselves. Well, they didn't, coz they made the mistake of focusing on cool effects instead of telling us a better story. Hasn't Star Wars taught them anything? Read More »

Buffy: The Series Finale (Part 1)

Last night was the penultimate episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, so things are picking up. In keeping with the general trend this last season... Read More »

Very Granular Harry Potter

British book So You Think You Know Harry Potter coming to the U.S.: So you think you know all about Harry Potter, his friends, his adversaries, and his amazing adventures? This book is the ultimate test, as tough as making one of Professor Snape’s potions and as slippery as a member of the Malfoy family. There are 300 questions devoted ... Read More »

Lazy Sunday Readings

Need some reading-recommendations? Here's what I enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Read More »

Bryan Singer’s X2: Minority Report

A take on the summer's first blockbuster by someone who has seen these movies come and go. Read More »

Winter’s Tale

This is a book by a man drunk on words, and the intoxicating quality carries through to the reader. Read More »

1 2 X You

The first really big cheer during the preview for X2-X-MEN UNITED (the irony of that title sinks in later) came when Wolverine sunk his adamantium claws knuckle-deep into the chest of an anonymous paramilitary dude who had invaded Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters: the crowd, as they say, went wild. And I was right there with them; it reminded ... Read More »

Hey, look at me! I can play soldier, too!

A picture worth a thousand words. Well, maybe one word. Read More »