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My top movie heroes

In my mind, heroism comes not so much from physical bravery, which is not necessarily that difficult- especially for stupid people. Any idiot can hold their breath for a few seconds and walk into a line of fire. Read More »

The Two-And-A-Half Towers

If you thought that Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was long at three hours, wait until you get a chance to watch the Extended Edition DVD, with 43 more minutes of LotR yummies. Read More »

Harry, Harry, Harry

Even though Lily is only 3 1/2 she loves her “Harry Potters.” We picked up the new DVD of the second movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, about a week ago and have watched it three or four times. I’ve concluded it doesn’t hold my attention as well as the first one, is more contrived from the flying ... Read More »

Johnny Depp turns 40

Depp really hasn't gotten quite the proper credit for the high quality of his work. He does alright, so I ain't crying for him, but he's one of the best actors of his generation. Read More »

Porno – Irvine Welsh

Choose Irvine Welsh's Sequel to Trainspotting If: You want to read something that looks at modern times and issues, that'll make you laugh, cringe and plot, thats got a large portion of Sick Boy's Manipulative Cheek and loads of Begbies crazed fights then you've found the right book. Read More »

Orson Scott Card’s Enchantment

I’m nearing completion in my quest to read everything Orson Scott Card ever wrote. Yes, that includes the incredibly long collection of short stories, which I read at some point in high school. It includes the complete Alvin Maker series, and also the Harmony/Earth-Here-I-Come! series or whatever it was called. Those really weren’t very good, but Enchantment is quite a ... Read More »