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Tim Burton to do new Wonka

Daily Variety reports that the (Dahl) estate gave the final go-ahead after learning the studio's choice of director. Burton, whose eccentric creative vision dovetails with Dahl's, also produced 1996's version of the author's James and the Giant Peach. Read More »


One of the later books in the Vlad Taltos series, and second in a series of reposted Steven Brust reviews. Read More »


The first of the Vlad Taltos books, a highly addictive fantasy series with wonderful First Person Smartass narration. Read More »

One for the Morning Glory

The most surprising thing about this book is its source. John Barnes is best known for writing some deeply unpleasant science fiction. This is an author whose works prompted someone on rec.arts.sf.written to devise the rule that "John Barnes books containing forcible sodomy are bad." And yet, he wrote this delightful little fantasy romp. Go figure. Read More »