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Tales from the Thousand and One Nights

Know O Prince, that once upon a time, there was a collection of such tales as could freeze the blood with trepidition, or stoke the raging fires of the imagination anew with tales of wickedness, debauchery, wonder and faith; tales of fantastic creatures, of magic and mystery, of the squalid and the high. Where O Prince, you ask may they ... Read More »

Buffy’s birthday

Born April 14, 1977, Sarah Michelle Gellar turns 26 today. Happy birthday, Buffy! Read More »

Are we headed for Armageddon? Find out for only $29.95!

The author of the Left Behind books wants to sell you valuable information that just might save your eternal soul. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Apparently, I’m something of an anomaly these days – a person who has never read the “Harry Potter” books. Part of that is that I just have a built-in tendency to not want to read, see or listen to things that “everyone” else is. The more popular something gets, the less likely I am to be interested – at least ... Read More »

Bowling For Bowling

David Hardy analyzes Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine as a “documentary” per the Academy’s own rules and finds it wanting: The Michael Moore production “Bowling for Columbine” just won the Oscar for best documentary. Unfortunately, it is not a documentary, by the Academy’s own definition. The injustice here is not so much to the viewer, as to the independent producers ... Read More »

Kicking the crap out of evil in pink pleather pants

I’d just like to say, I appreciate the female fantasy role that Buffy The Vampire Slayer represents. She pouts, she has trouble with her relationships. She has the sexiest “Watcher” that could be imagined (Giles! Baby!). She has a wardrobe better than barbie. And yet she kicks the crap out of evil! Personally! With actual kicks and punches and backflips. ... Read More »

The Black Water Anthologies

Alberto Manguel’s anthologies of fantastic literature (Black Water, The Book of Fantastic Literature and Black Water 2, More Tales of the Fantastic) are, excuse the well-deserved pun, excellent as well as supernatural. The stories are all examples of good literature, all page-turners, and all are accompanied by very interesting and often illuminating introductions written by Manguel himself. It is unacceptable ... Read More »

City of Caliphs and Flying Carpets

Neil Gaiman's "Ramadan" conjures a dream of Araby upon a bombstruck Baghdad. Read More »

Timely Viewing: Thirteen Days

A President once faced a far greater threat and managed to neutralize it without war or appeasement. Read More »

Blizzard of Cutscenes

Blizzard Entertainment DVD Collection Blizzard Entertainment In a bit of marketing genius, Blizzard has released cut-scenes from its three most popular games on DVD. They have re-mastered them in wide screen format and they look even more impressive than they do in the games. Starcraft, DiabloII and Warcraft III all get this treatment. Individually these DVDs would have been foolish, ... Read More »