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A Primer for Americans on International Dating

Love Featured Image

Establishing relationships can be a difficult if you're living abroad, but the right approach can make a world of difference. Read More »

Book Review: Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I Got It!: The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man by David A. Koop

In Cancer -- It's a Good Thing I Got It, David A. Koop tells how he gained a renewed purpose in life after over three years in hell. Read More »

Universal Health Care is the Only Right Action

The lack of universal health care in the Unites States is a blot on the morality of our great nation. Read More »

The #1 Secret of Great Relationships

It is common for those entering into a relationship to hold an idealized image of how a perfect partner is supposed to act. Read More »

Interview with James Jones of World Vision, Burundi

“Food insecurity” is one of the leading factors keeping children from school. Read More »

I Was A Bastard for 22 Years

Only in 1967 did the United States end laws prohibiting marriage between whites and those of other races. Read More »

Couples and Driving: Six Tips to End Arguments

Do you and your partner drive each other crazy arguing about driving habits? Here are tips to have a great ride. Read More »

Interview with Bienvenu Djossa, World Food Progamme Country Director for Senegal

“An empty stomach cannot hear” and only a well-fed child can focus and compete in class. Read More »

Book Review: Shattered Reality by Kimberly Cheryl

What happens when a parent's worst nightmare comes true? Read More »

Couples Love Decathlon: Recreating Romance and Intimacy

An easy and fun way to recharge and get some zing back! Read More »