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Fashion Doll: Once Upon a Zombie’s Belle


Belle from One Upon a Zombie is an excellent addition to the collection of anyone who loves fashion dolls, the undead, or all of the above. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Man Made Boy’ by Jon Skovron


Deep in the underground where monsters lurk, life also happens. Read More »

TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “Tiny”

Jorge Garcia reprises his role as Jack's giant and Mr. Gold steps out of his comfort zone in this week's Once Upon a Time Read More »

TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “We Are Both”

"We Are Both" sets Once Upon a Time's season two into high gear as the all of the characters begin to feel the consequences of their situation. Read More »

Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit?

3 reasons to be very excited at the thought of Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Read More »

Book Review: Harvest Moon by Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara, and Cameron Haley

The mystical and magical Harvest Moon shines on. Read More »

Book Review: An African Tale by Enna Neru

Transports the reader from a time of long, long ago, to modern Africa in a skillfully told story ripe with the elements of classic fairytales. Read More »