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Sarah Palin Book Tour Underway: Drama Ignites

Love her or hate her, Palin is a rock star in the political arena and isn’t going away any time soon. Read More »

Okay, Facebook: You Win; I Was Wrong About You

I love Facebook and I hate myself for not realizing it sooner. Read More »

GOP Responds to Pelosi Health Care Bill

Hey Democrats: the Republican Party does have solutions to health care reform; are you listening? Read More »

XBox 360 2009 Gift Guide

This year, gamers can enjoy several different Xbox 360 games this holiday season. Read More »

Insecurity and Power: Men and Women

Why aren't women honest with me? "I don't want to hurt his feelings" is essentially deception. Read More »

iPhone Application Review: Twitbook

Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace in one application Read More »

Islam and Technology

Tweeting and praying...not at the same time, of course! Read More »

Is MySpace the New “Dead” Mall?

Uh, oh. Is MySpace becoming the new "dead" mall? Read More »

25 Things About Other People

25 things I've learned about other people over the years. Read More »

FaceBook Hack Reveals Trend in Targeting Social Networks

It's pretty hard to keep up with all the attacks on sites currently in progress on the Internet. A little common sense is probably the best defense any of us have! Read More »