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Theater Review (NYC): ‘The English Bride’ by Lucile Lichtblau

Dov in the shadows (Ezra Barnes) Eileen Finney telling her story (Amy Griffin)

An interrogation room, and two separated suspects, once lovers, questioned by a Mossad agent about a terrorist act they may have committed. Whose story should you believe? Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Final Analysis’ by Otho Eskin

The Young Man played by Ryan Garbayo and Josef Stalin played by Tony Naumovski

At the twilight of the Hapsburg Empire, budding luminaries Freud, Stalin, Gustav and Alma Mahler, Ludwig Wittgenstein and a foreboding Young Man discuss events of the day while the culture slides toward war. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Breakfast With Mugabe’ by Fraser Grace

Dr. Peric (Ezra Barnes) delivers the  question to Robert Mugabe (Michael Rogers) who must face the haunting spirits.

This cerebral play with a bite boasts a fine ensemble cast and an undercurrent of foreboding that leaves you speechless at the end. Read More »