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In Mass Shootings Does Government Provide the Trigger?

We're blaming all the wrong people when we should be blaming government. Read More »

A Bullet Wound Named “Solidarity”

On July 22, 2011, Ina Libak was shot four times by a right wing extremist. She named her wounds after her core values. Read More »

Platform Process is a Test for Texas Republicans

Will the Texas GOP platform continue to represent the clamoring voices of extremism and factionalism which are tearing the party apart? Read More »

FBI Warns that Americans Are Now a Threat to America

The FBI's concern over "Sovereign Citizens" seems designed more to intimidate the public than to address a real threat. Read More »

The Road to Peace in Yemen: Helping Vulnerable Youth

Mercy Corps wants to engage the youth of Yemen and get them to believe that they can change their country. Read More »

42 Senators Weigh in on the Wrong Side in Snyder vs. Phelps

Free speech is more important than the pandering of opportunistic Senators. Read More »


Agree with me, or don't: here is what I believe. Read More »

Dark Horizon: The Next Movement of Left Wing Political Violence

America's newest uprising of politically motivated violence is not coming from the Right, but the Left. Read More »

Why The British Governments’ £1 Million Anti-Terrorism Fatwa Is Not Worth The Paper It’s Printed On.

Following the global anti-terrorism Fatwa launched in London it's time the public (including Muslims) question the motives of these "advisors". Read More »

Book Review: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany (Thirtieth Anniversary Edition) by William Shirer

A classic analysis of Nazi Germany shines a light on the darkness that nearly destroyed civilization. Read More »