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The Business of Reality: How Reality TV Is Harming Wildlife

Photo illustration by Daniel Azarian, Freak Show sign by Doug Thompson, Photographs © haywire media, vladoskan, bowie15 / 123RF.COM

Reality TV is fine as entertainment. But the reality show paradigm has crept into wildlife programming, and this is where something is going horribly wrong. Read More »

Book Review: In Pursuit Of Giants by Matt Rigney

This is a book filled with the love of the giants of the deep and also a warning that they might be gone far too soon. Read More »

DVD Review: Ghost Bird

A sharp, sympathetic and witty eco-mystery Read More »

Book Review: Dinos from Space by Michael Treni, illustrations by Kristin Olivo

What if the dinosaurs weren’t really extinct, but escapees from a threatening comet? What if they decided to return? Read More »

Global Warming is a Symptom, Not a Disease

Oops! There goes another rubber tree plant! Read More »