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Movie Review: I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

The remake of that thing that you never saw but really, really hated. Read More »

“Marxian Class Analysis, Theory and Practice” online seminar by Richard D. Wolff, a review

Richard D. Wolff's online seminar on class structure and class relationships is not to be missed. Be there or be square. Read More »

DVD Review: The One Armed Executioner/They Call Her…Cleopatra Wong

“Heinous.” But that’s what I love about it! Read More »

French Pension Reform: Street Corner Garbage And Economics

Last night legislation was passed in the French Senate raising retirement age to 62. This needed to happen. France is in desperate need of economic reform. The government is financing pensions with debt. Many countries face pension problems, including the United States. Read More »

In Protest of Those Protesting the Preteen “Single Ladies”

What Disney version of pedophilia is this running around in everyone’s head? Read More »

Crap, More Crap, and Some Half-Decent Crap

A peek at Astro Boy, Banshee!!!, Good Intentions, I Bring What I Love, SuperVan, and Orlak: The Vampire. Read More »

Movie Review: Scrapbook – Filth Or Horror?

Where do we draw the line between exploitation and entertainment? Director Eric Stanze walks the tightrope. Read More »

Movie Review: Street Trash

A masterpiece of trash cinema, Street Trash is one of the great gore classics of the 1980s. Read More »

Synapse Brings Us Stepfather II And More 42nd Street in September!

Make room for daddy -- and the Alamo Drafthouse, too! Read More »

DVD Review: The Sinful Dwarf (Severin Films release)

Oh, my… Read More »