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Blu-ray Review: ‘The Manson Family’

Marcelo Games as Charles Manson with two of his followers in Jim Van Bebber's The Manson Family

Jim Van Bebber's "The Manson Family" is a remarkable example of the power of obsession to push a filmmaker beyond his normal limitations. Read More »

DVD Review: Robert Conrad Double Feature

Two rare features starring TV's Robert Conrad offer the cheap thrills of '70s drive-in exploitation. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Casa de Mi Padre (2012)

Another long and unfunny cheap laugh from Will Ferrell and Co. Read More »

DVD Review: The Disco Exorcist

Director Richard Griffin perfectly captures the look and tone of cheap '70s exploitation horror in The Disco Exorcist. Read More »

DVD Review: Modus Operandi (2009)

A baffling pseudo-avant-garde, grindhouse homage where the competence doesn't match the enthusiasm. Read More »

America’s Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking

Why are America's children being forced into sex slavery? Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part V – 13 Tales of Terror from Cheezy Flicks

Vampires, ghosts, man-made monsters, Sasquatch, aliens, werewolves, blood farmers and plenty of bad actors, too! Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part IV – Freaks and Shrieks

It's time for a healthy does of good ol' fashioned nightmare fuel. Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part III – You Call This Horror?

Six terrors that terrorize for all the wrong reasons. Read More »

Horrible Horror, Part II – Slashed, Bashed and Rehashed

Six flicks that cut like a knife — but feel so right! Read More »