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Television Review: Magical Mystery Tour Revisited & The Magical Mystery Tour

The impeccably restored version of the film is a treat that will help remind you what made The Beatles special. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: A Hollis Frampton Odyssey

Why couldn't this have been a Peter Frampton odyssey instead? Read More »

Book Review: I Want to Make You Safe by Amy King

Literature makes you think. Poetry makes you feel. This experimental poetry by poet Amy King will hit you in the gut, and she'll definitely make you feel. Read More »

Band Reviews: Krokmiten and Texas Hippie Coalition

The first review in my series of bands who followed me on Twitter. A good start, I must say. Read More »

Music Review: John Cale – Extra Playful (EP)

Cale is still pushing the envelope by blending pop music with an avant-garde sensibility. Read More »

Music Review: Broken Harbour – Gramophone Transmissions

This is an expansive and striking work of Canadian ambient and drone music. Read More »

Music Review: Can – Future Days

Krautrock legends gracefully combine design and performance in this often overlooked classic. Read More »

I Hear Sparks: Wires Under Tension – Light Science

Notions of sound and pressure. Read More »

One More Song: L’Altra, Crystal Stilts

Listen to new tracks by these atmospheric artists. Read More »

Music Review: Zach Hill – Face Tat

The level to which this kind of thing can be traditionally "enjoyed" is up for grabs. Read More »