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Book Review: Shared Emptiness by John Brinling

In the darkness of a damaged mind. Read More »

Book Review: Latitude 38 by Ron Hutchison

Latitude 38 is a realistic story with elements of adventure and dystopia. Read More »

TV Review: How To Die In Oregon

HBO's thought-provoking documentary on Oregon's landmark Death With Dignity Act. Read More »

Interview with Ron Hutchison, Author of Latitude 38

"The ideological philosophies separating Americans today are more poisonous than those dividing Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland or Sunnis and Shites in the Middle East." Read More »

Life Choice: Who Can Truly Make the Decision to End It All?

All Americans are allowed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but how far does this truly go? Read More »

Why President Obama’s Healthcare Plan is Still a Win-Win Winner, Part 34,059.72

Or, How to Tackle the Really Tough Issues and Easily Triumph Over Them Without Even Breaking A Sweat Read More »

The Passing of a Pet: He Was Not Just a Dog

I told him before he died that he was going from my arms into my mother's, and I don't know if that thought comforted him, but it did help me. Read More »

Under the Blue Tarps

Horses as an economic indicator: what happens to the unwanted horses? Read More »

Health Care Myth: Forced Euthanasia

An opinion regarding the end of life counseling in H.R. 3200 - the House health care bill. Read More »

Is Obamacare Really Going to Kill Old People?

Are Death Panels of eugenicists really going to decide who lives and dies under national health care? Read More »