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Sentencing Reform and the Strange Case of Anthony Bascaro

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Anthony "Tony" Bascaro is 80 years old and has been in prison for the past 34 years. Pretty much everyone – except for his daughter and granddaughter – has forgotten about him. If he lives long enough, he will be released in 2019. Read More »

50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Speech – Why the Dream Can No Longer Be Deferred

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It is necessary and compelling that the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was honored on the 50th anniversary of his famous speech, but now we have to go about continuing the process. Read More »

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

Department of Justice lawsuit against Apple and others is incredible hypocrisy. Read More »

Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro February 4, 2012

Before Justice with Judge Jeanine, I never paid much attention to anything involving politicians or government. Read More »

The Age of Opinion

Does opinion sell? No, I think what sells is the unpredictable nature of opinion. Read More »

DOJ Threatens to Turn Texas Into a “No Fly Zone”

The DOJ may be touching a match to a powderkeg with its heavy handed approach to the civil liberties of airline passengers. Read More »

Defending DOMA: Our Tax Dollars at Work

The government will not spend more than $500,000 in tax dollars to defend DOMA. You have to start somewhere. Read More »

A Bowl a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Medical Marijuana in the U.S. should be made legal. Read More »

Heat on the Street: Black Power Politics Makes a Nasty Comeback

America enters a time warp as Black Panthers return to national prominence due to Eric Holder's incompetency. Read More »

Why Can’t Eric Holder Answer a Simple Question?

What is so difficult about giving honest answers about the administration's plans to try terrorists? Read More »