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Book Review: With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful by Glenn Greenwald

Author argues that equality under the law has become little more than a platitude in America. Read More »

TV Review: Man Men – “A Little Kiss”

Mad Men's return has some stellar moments ("Zou Bisou Bisou"), but is not as big, story wise, as expected. Read More »

An American Embarrassment

The deterioration of the middle class and the growth in the rolls of those living in poverty. Read More »

TV Review: Glee – “Wheels”

"Wheels" is Glee's first big episode about equality for those with disabilities and drastic differences. Read More »

A Minimum Wage is Not Enough: We Need a Living Wage For All

Poverty pay doesn't even make economic sense. Read More »

Inequality Affects Us All

Citizen engagement in social change. Read More »

On Milblogs: For A Brief Second, The Focus Was Women

Will the mistreatment of women be a passing mention in milblogs? Read More »