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Blu-ray Review: ‘3 Films by Roberto Rossellini Starring Ingrid Bergman’ – The Criterion Collection


Many of us hold our regular visits to the cinema during our youth in high regards. Whether it was a weekly visit to the matinee double features with friends, or the frantic anticipation of standing in line for the next big Franchise of the Day flick, we have fond memories of going to the theater as youngsters. For filmmaker Roberto ... Read More »

Book Review: The English is Coming!: How One Language is Sweeping the World by Leslie Dunton-Downer

The English Is Coming explores the growth and spread of the English as a global language. Read More »

N-sulation: Questioning the Usefulness of a Controversial Word

My problem with the N-word. Read More »

Book Review: Life by Keith Richards

Keith Richards writes another hit with this autobiography. Don't buy it for new dirt on Mick. Read More »

DVD Review: Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

The sounds of Tokyo offer a strange soundtrack to this odd thriller Read More »

Book Review: The Accidents of Style: Good Advice on How Not to Write Badly by Charles Harrington Elster

Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride and crash course on English usage and common accidents to avoid. Read More »

Music Review: Berlin Voices About Christmas

Get jazzed up with Berlin Voices for Christmas and repeat the sounding joy! Read More »

Music Review: Enrique Iglesias – Euphoria

Enrique Iglesias' Euphoria features eclectic songs that cater to any listener's ears. Read More »

Book Review: My Dog Bites the English Teacher by Marian Anders

Still don’t know if you should use their, there, or they’re? It’s time to buy this book. Read More »

Book Review: A Certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi”: The Origin of Foreign Words Used in English by Chloe Rhodes

Although technology has added clever new words to our culture, the origins of many common English words have ancient roots. Read More »