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Book Review: Bitter Brew by William Knoedelseder

The rise and fall of an Amerian tradition. Read More »

DVD Review: Imagine It!

Imagine It! is a well-intentioned documentary that ultimately fails to engage audiences as well as it should. Read More »

Book Review: The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters by Rose George

With irreverence and resolve, the author explores how we stem, or fail to stem, the increasing tide of human waste causing 80% of the world's illness. Read More »

Humanity’s Worst Inventions

A giggle-ridden quest for the most misguided invention in human history. Read More »

Libya’s Lifeline: Sub-Saharan Water

Can Libya survive a water crisis? Read More »

Book Review: The Design of Design: Essays from a Computer Scientist by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

The author of the Mythical Man Month is back providing insights into software design! Read More »

Book Review: The Dawn Of The Electronic Age by Frederik Nebeker

Engrossing account of the early days Of electronics. Read More »