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What A Vice President Palin Would Mean For Birds

A review of a deplorable record on the environment. Read More »

Book Review – The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilisation by Thomas Homer-Dixon

You might think that the world doesn't need another why-the-Roman-empire-collapsed theory. You'd be wrong. Read More »

DVD Review: Everything’s Cool

A documentary that merely points fingers and seeks those to blame. Read More »

South Los Angeles’ (Fast) Food Fight

The city council’s moratorium on unhealthy food could pave the way for more unhealthy food. Read More »

Saving the Spiral Jetty

Oil and water don't mix. Read More »

Will Artificial Trees Solve Our Energy Woes?

The faster that we can develop this process the faster our CO2 pollution and fuel supply woes will be over, forever. Read More »

Global Warming: Human Induced Or Natural Cycle and Does It Really Matter?

I think that in the end it doesn't seem like it really matters. Read More »

Obama, McCain, and The Politics of Oil

The high cost of oil and gasoline is a political football. The players include Bush, Congress, Obama, McCain, Venezuela, Russia, and the Middle East. Read More »

The Real Price Of Oil

Countries need to start figuring out how to wean us off fossil fuels before it's too late. Read More »

Interview: Dena Jones, World Society for the Protection of Animals, on Bear Farming

Where have the cuddly teddy bears gone? The shocking practice of bear farming. Read More »