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Focusing on Each Moment for a Healthy Life


Learning to live in the moment is more than just filling the mind with something useful. The process of going from frustration and confusion to harmony and satisfaction is life changing. Read More »

UNICOR: Prison Sweatshop or Under-Exploited Tool for Rehabilitation?


Quality vocational training, in-prison work experience, and job opportunities upon release could be so transformative if only there were the vision and leadership to realize the potential. Read More »

Job-Hunting Tips for 2014

Non copyrighted image, source: http://interviewtipsonline.webstarts.com/

First impressions, persistence, and good interview skills are all key to a successful job search. Read More »

Mike Rowe’s Dirty Definition of Passion


We never grow out of the need to feel passionate about what we do. Read More »

And That’s The Truth, Ruth!

With liquidation of Hostess Brands nearing reality, 18,000 Americans stand to lose their jobs. Does this underscore something deeper in the U.S. labor markets? Read More »

What Is: Inelastic Demand

As millions of Americans continue looking for work, corporate America is in no hurry to hire and unemployment lingers on. Read More »

The Perils of Parents Trying to Rejoin the Workforce

It sucks to be treated as if being out of the workforce for a while means you're unfamiliar with computers, clocks, and indoor plumbing. Read More »

Book Review: A Year Up: How A Pioneering Program Teaches Young Adults Real Skills For Real Jobs With Real Success by Gerald Chertavian

A Year Up describes a wonderful program for providing the poor with the training they need. Read More »

Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates

While the job market remains tough, summer graduates should fare much better in the job market than the class of 2011 did. Read More »

Which Employee is More Willing to Learn – the Youthful or the Experienced?

"Who is more willing to make changes to benefit the organization, the young or the old?" You might be surprised at the answer. Read More »