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The New American Union

What if all the rights were taken away and we became controlled by a fascist America? Read More »

Don’t Buy Into the Establishment’s “Inevitability Strategy”

Is it all over but the weeping, or are the barbarians at the gates of the GOP on to something? Read More »

Amerinomics, Part Three: The Golden Era of the American System

From the days of Abraham Lincoln to William McKinley, the American system defined first-world nationhood. Read More »

Super Tuesday Live Chat Event

Live chat with politicos, pundits and pinheads discussing the election returns tonight. Read More »

The Gingrich Deception

Some candidates think you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to steal an election. Read More »

Who is Behind the Santorum Surge?

If the media loves Santorum shouldn't that be a strong warning that he's probably not the right guy to bean Obama? Read More »

What is the 2012 Election Really About?

Election 2012 should be about more than just beating Obama; the real issues, not partisan talking points, should be addressed. Read More »

The Rise of the Heinlein Republican

Can Newt Gingrich's personal life and strange obsessions be explained by the influence of Robert Heinlein? Read More »

The Siege of New Hampshire: Newt Gingrich Finally Meets His Waterloo

Newt Gingrich is not only destroying his candidacy with his New Hampshire offensive, but his legacy as well. Read More »

Is Ron Paul a Double Threat Candidate?

With a broader constituent base than originally predicted, Paul may become the main contender to challenge Romney. Read More »