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In the Name of Jesus

Anti-Jesus religion. Read More »

Food in America: An Entitlement?

Americans are starving, too. Read More »

With Unlimited Taxing Authority, Who Needs the Commerce Clause?

The Supreme Court surprised most observers by upholding Obamacare based on Congressional taxing authority. The implications are far worse than Obamacare itself. Read More »

About That Romneycare

Obamacare versus Romneycare, different or the same? Read More »

Follow the Line of Koch, Fundamentalists

Up for a line of Koch? Read More »

The Fall of Lady Liberty

The dictatorship of Our Lady Liberty! Read More »

No EFM Vote? No Bridge

If the Detroit/Windsor bridge falls down would we be willing to allow Snyder to build a new one? Read More »

The Triple The Debt Theory

How much has Obama spent? Is it really triple the national debt? Read More »

Cookiegate: an American Vignette

Mitt Romney unwittingly illustrates what’s great about America. Read More »

The New American Union

What if all the rights were taken away and we became controlled by a fascist America? Read More »