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The Great Election Robbery of 2012?

Rampant reports of fraud mar Obama's re-election, angering conservatives. Read More »

On the 2012 Presidential Election

The presidential election of 2012 was uncertain until the final votes were cast in favor of President Obama. Read More »

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Governor Palin's comments on voter fraud beg a few questions. Read More »

The GOP Has the Wrong Approach to Abortion

The GOP needs to base their public policy positions on reason, not faith. Read More »

I’m Voting For President Obama

I only see one clear choice here: President Obama needs to be re-elected. Read More »

The Power of Words: Are They Entitlements, or Benefits? Is It Redistribution, or Fairness?

Words can change the course of history. Read More »

It’s Still a Horse Race

As the candidates clear the convention gates, the real horserace is under way. Read More »

Iowa State Fair; Hecklers Greet Ryan, Obama has a Beer and a Pork Chop

Ryan dealt with hecklers at the Iowa State Fair. Better for the president, who enjoyed a beer. Read More »

Puppet Man

The Kochs' Geppetto to Romney's Pinocchio. Read More »

Mitt Romney: U.S. Can Learn Something from Israel’s Health Care System

Mitt trips once (no, make that twice) again in Israel. Read More »