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Interview with Victoria Zackheim, Editor of He Said What? Women Write About Moments When Everything Changed

Victoria Zackheim discusses the release of the anthology He Said What? as well as other anthologies, and documentaries, she has developed Read More »

Creating and Editing Google Docs on the iPad

Google enabled Docs editing on select mobile devices, including the iPad. How does the experience live up to the hype? Read More »

Book Review: Plain & Simple Microsoft Word 2010 by Katherine Murray

Frustrated by Word 2010? It’s okay, we all are; Plain & Simple Microsoft Word 2010 can help. Read More »

Interview with Kage Alan, Author of Gaylias: Operation Thunderspell

"My muse is fickle. Sometimes she likes to work wherever we happen to be and other times in a very specific environment. She also likes to surf Amazon mp3 downloads..." Read More »

William Shawn Never Had To Worry About SEO

In a world where we're all under the SEO yoke, marketing people and editorial folks have to work together more closely than ever before. Read More »

The Digital Revolution and the Great Editor

Kindle and iPad are not the future of publishing. Read More »

Oscars 2010: Film Editors Do Battle

Yes, editing is important, the better it is, the less you see. Read More »