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The Urban Guerrilla Gardener: Up to Her Neck in Tomatoes

Swimming in a sea of tomatoes, but I'm not complaining. Read More »

Understanding Qi, Our Vital Life Force

Many cultures have a word that means energy and refer to the bio-energetic field of the human body. Words such as chi or qi (Chinese/Japanese), prana (Indian), and ruah (Hebrew) are all understood as the life force (vital to survival) that is part of ALL living things. Read More »

Book Review: Substitute Yourself Skinny: Cut the Calories, Keep the Flavor with Hundreds of Simple Substitutions! by Chef Susan Irby

This is an amazing collection of comfort foods that don’t add padding. Read More »

Musing on My Mother’s Oatmeal

Turning into my mother, and overcoming a fear of smiling Quakers bearing oats. Read More »

The Flight of the $13 Donuts

When donuts fly Next Day Air, it's an expensive proposition. Read More »

Book Review: The Art of Overeating by Leslie Landis

How to make sure you NOT lose weight - except the calories you are bound to lose laughing as you read this book. Read More »