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Princeton Team Discovers Earliest Animal Fossils, SpongeBob TinyPants

Discovery in Australia pushes back animal time line by 70 million years. Read More »

TCM’s Mighty Twelve Unite to Help Make It All Happen

Meridians, or energy channel, correspond to one of the twelve organs in the human body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Read More »

DVD Review: How the Earth Changed History

Spellbinding and intelligent, the BBC does it again on the natural history front. Read More »

DVD Review: How the Earth Changed History

The incredible story of the natural forces that have shaped our history. Read More »

Manga Review: Saturn Apartments Volume One by Hisae Iwaoka

Saturn Apartments is a captivating and unique character piece about window washers in space. Read More »

An Interview with Musician/Storyteller Michael Heralda of the “Aztec Stories” Project

Ancestral wisdom for a modern world. Read More »

DVD Review: Dirt! The Movie

Looking for the dirt on dirt? Dirt! The Movie gives the skinny on why dirt is more valuable than gold. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Earth

The visuals speak for themselves as audiences experience an amazing 90 minute nature journey covering every continent and season. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Earth (2009)

Stunning, amazing, and beautiful – but already done. Read More »

DVD Review: Earth (2009)

A film easily enjoyed on an evening with family around to share it. Read More »