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Book Review: Oxygen: ‘A Four Billion Year History’ by Donald E Canfield


For the basically scientifically literate or the truly curious, this is a fascinating, sophisticated account. Read More »

Book Review: The Burn Zone by James K. Decker

James K. Decker's The Burn Zone is the best damned science fiction book this reviewer has read in quite some time. Read More »

Stargate Universe Revisited – “Earth”

Personal and professional agendas conflict in SGU's "Earth." Read More »

Book Review: Blue Dust: Forbidden by Katy Krump

An exploration of life, the unreliability of humanity, and compassion in a fantastical universe. Read More »

Book Review: 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

2312 is a bold thrust into a challenging and frightening future. Read More »

Book Review: Earthbound by Joe Haldeman

Don't waste time on my review... go read Joe Haldeman's Earthbound the MOMENT it comes Read More »

Book Review: Mayan Night by Richard Weekley

Poetry for the end of the world and beyond. Read More »

Congress Targets Two of A Kind: Women and the Environment

No coincidence that women’s healthcare and environmental regulations are both under siege. Read More »

Music Reviews: Barren Earth, Earth, Hurtsmile, Made of Hate, Whispers of Fate, The Pretty Reckless

A surprise, a disappointment and some decent music. Read More »

DVD Review: Disneynature’s Oceans

Undersea creatures as you've never seen before Read More »