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Brutal Legend DEMOTHON!

Ormagoden DEMANDS you watch the Brutal Legend DEMOTHON! Read More »

BC Gaming Hockey Spotlight

Every year EA Sports and 2K Sports square off, we present a head-to-head look at their hockey efforts. Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: NHL 2K10

Is Party Now? Not so much. Read More »

A Few Ways to Improve Madden on Wii

Madden on Wii can be so much better. Here's how. Read More »

Face Off: NHL 10 vs. NHL 2K10

We're sorry 2K, but we swear we used to love your brand of hockey. Read More »

PAX 2009 Impressions: Dante’s Inferno

Dante's journey through Hell is not exactly an original work of art. Read More »

PAX 2009 Impressions: The Beatles: Rock Band

Harmonix's latest Rock Band title, and the Höfner Bass controller, were at PAX, but did they rock? Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: The Beatles: Rock Band

Play as John, Paul, George and Ringo and experience The Beatles in an entirely new way. Read More »

Brütal Legend Binder Art Contest: Win An Eddie Riggs Statue

Get your hands on one a limited Eddie Riggs statue. Read More »

PC Game Review: The Sims 3

Dynamic content, exciting scenarios, and, open ended opportunities make this game outstanding. Read More »