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PC Game Review: ‘Battlefield: Hardline’

Battlefield, Hardline, EA, shooter, video game

For the most part, Visceral Games has successfully taken the Battlefield franchise into new territory, but just like Battlefield 4, Hardline suffers from some serious technical issues. Read More »

PC/Mac Game Review: ‘The Sims 4′ – is it Worth the Upgrade?

sims 4

Every iteration of a simulation game needs to offer more than its predecessor, but needs to do so without cluttering the menu system or making things too difficult to understand. The real challenge is figuring out how to make that happen. Read More »

Xbox One Review: ‘Madden NFL 15′


Madden is just the football for the sake of its simulation as much as it is a promotional tool meant to convey an image of glossy perfection. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Madden NFL 15′

Madden NFL cover

So, how does it stack up to last year's version? Very well indeed, though perhaps not brilliantly. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘EA UFC’


EA conclusively brings in its own dollars with a flashy replication of broadcast TV. Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: ‘Titanfall’


This remains the distressingly pale 'Titanfall' for an audience disinterested in pixel counting. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘NBA Live 14′


This never looks like professional basketball let alone an interactive representation of the sport. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Madden 25′


Fans are being stung, and if they have an adverse reaction forcing them to stay away next year, maybe EA will be more careful. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

Expectations aim at the audience's heart with a money versus morals conflict, while player's triggers aim at exploding faces. Read More »

PC Game Review: Simcity

What could have been an epic city simulation game is instead a broken mess of game that should be avoided like the plague. Read More »