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E3 Expo: Video Games about Building Up, Not Blowing Up

bounty train

When I thought about attending the Electronic Entertainment Exposition – E3 – held at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 16-18, I wanted to find games about building things up, not just games about blowing things up. When my daughter was young, we would stay up all night sometimes playing Sim City. No shooting or hand grenades were involved. That’s the kind of game I was looking for. I found two good examples distributed by the German company Daedalic Entertainment: 'Bounty Train' and 'Valhalla Hills'. Both titles are still in development but look promising. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Lords of the Fallen’

Lords of the Fallen, Dark Souls, RPG, video game

Despite some minor graphical issues and its lack of compelling narrative, and for that matter, originality, 'Lords of the Fallen' is one of the better games I’ve played, this year. Read More »

PlayStation 4 Review: ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect’

Murdered, Soul Suspect, Playstation 4

This narrative-driven adventure game with good production values may be too short and light on action for many. Read More »

The Worst Game Ever at E3

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is coming to Wii Ware. Read More »

E3: Sony Brings the Reasonable

Sony's E3 showing offers some exclusives and two major hardware reveals. Read More »

Some Early Thoughts on E3 2011

It has been just one day since E3 kicked off, but there's already so much to share! Read More »

Nintendo Officially Announces Successor to Wii’s Throne

Nintendo announces codenamed Project Café to make its debut at E3 2011. Read More »

Multiplayer Chat Show Notes for June 2010

This month we have E3, and some interviews with Aksys Games and hopefully Rockin' Android. Read More »

Screenshots: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Rev those engines, it's coming. Read More »

Microsoft E3 Press Conference – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Microsoft had an E3 press conference full of awesome! MGS, Halo, Beatles and more! Read More »