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Book Review: The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider’s Guide to Self-Publishing by Dara M. Beeves

The Indie Author Revolution is an invaluable asset for any author thinking of self-publishing. Read More »

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

Department of Justice lawsuit against Apple and others is incredible hypocrisy. Read More »

E-books Go to School – What is the Plan for Implementation?

E-books come into the classroom with a mixed record Read More »

Interview with Lynda Burch, Publisher of Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angel Publishing publishes wholesome books for ages 0-12. Read More »

The Demise of Handwriting

How will digitizing books, letters, and journals impact future generations’ ability to know us and the lives we led? Read More »

Will Technology Kill Book Publishing?

Will e-books be the literal "killer app" for publishing as we know it? Read More »

Me and My Kindle, Part IV: The Latest Generation

My “New Generation” Kindle appeared on my doorstep this morning. Read More »

Burn After Reading: Embracing the E-book

As Amazon's latest Kindle hits the UK, even ardent bibliophiles may now begin to see e-books in a new light. Read More »

Author Interview: Forty Years Later’s Steven Jay Griffel

Author Steven Jay Griffel skipped past the paperbound phase of publishing and is enjoying success on the Kindle and iPad. Read More »

An Endnote to Paper Books

Tree books vs. E-books. Are books in print set for extinction? Read More »