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Book Review: ‘The Word Exchange’ by Alena Graedon

word exchange

Imagining language struggling for survival in Alena Graedon's new novel 'The Word Exchange.' Read More »

Book Review: The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers

A teenage girl faces personal and societal disarray in a struggle to find hope in a dystopian England. Read More »

Book Review: The Investigation by Phillipe Claudel

But for overindulgent ending, Phillipe Claudel's latest novel epitomizes the term 'Kafkaesque.' Read More »

Book Review: The Curfew by Jesse Ball

What will you do if it is normal for people just to disappear, never to be seen again? Read More »

Book Review: Ephemera by Jeffery M. Anderson

First novel envisions a dystopian America some 20 years from now. Read More »

Book Review: Death as a Side Effect by Ana María Shua

Traditional conflicts and contemporary issues drive novel set in a dystopian near-future Buenos Aires. Read More »

Book Review: Beauty Salon by Mario Bellatin

Mexican author's novella is a minimalist, allegorical tale of a society facing a deadly plague. Read More »