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Book Review: Alive Again by Howard C. Samuels with Jane O”Boyle

Defeating the beast of addiction. Read More »

Book Review: Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs, and Writing by Michael Muhammad Knight

One of the more vivid descriptions of the artistic soul taking the next steps on its long road of creativity. Read More »

Washington’s Legalization of Marijuana: What a Long, Strange Trip it Is!

I can't call it voter's remorse, but we really didn't see all this coming. Read More »

Book Review: The Long, Steep Path by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde debuts her wonderful memoir, The Long, Steep Path. Read More »

Movie Review: John Dies at the End – Maybe

Earth needs heroes to save it from an alien invasion but gets a pair of college dropouts instead Read More »

Book Review: Tortured Spirits: Book Four in the Jake Helman Files Series by Gregory Lamberson

A trip into the darkness reveals an army of undead, an army of zombies hidden from the world. Read More »

Book Review: Deadman’s Bust by Cory Marchese

A roller-coaster ride about the drug trade. Read More »

Book Review: On The Bayou by Sean Patrick Bridges

A dark novel of the deep South where mint juleps are not to be found and the swamps are the unspoken danger. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Project X (2012)

The movie that imprudently attempts to weave a sturdy, storytelling basket out of some slimy old discarded strings of brown lettuce. Read More »

Book Review: God’s Middle Finger by Richard Grant

A book filled with wonderful detail and dark humor which brings forward this uncharted country. Read More »