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Interdrone: Fifteen Resources to Get You up in the Air with Your Own Drone


Want to become a drone expert? Here are some resources, provided at Interdrone, to get you started! Read More »

Interdrone: Drone Law – Intended and Unintended Circumstances

drone law

John Abbey, a leader in technology and practices for law enforcement, exposed the crazy quilt of laws that make progress with drone technology difficult if not impossible. Read More »

Interdrone: Drones and Dronalism, Coming Soon to a TV Station Near You

hong long

Dronalism – the use of drones to provide TV news footage – will be coming soon to a station near you. Or maybe not. TV journalists, like many early adopters of drone technology, face resistance from a variety of sources. Read More »

Interdrone: Passion, Problems and Potential of Drone Technology


On its first day, Interdrone, the International Drone Conference in Las Vegas, Sep-9-11, displayed the passion, problems and potential of this new technology and movement. Read More »

NAB 2015: Drone-ing On and On – The Pizza has Landed


Drones were everywhere at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas this year. No, not male honeybees or parasitic loafers, but unmanned aircraft remotely or programmatically controlled. More specifically, drones with cameras attached. Read More »

Dassault Begins Flight Tests of the nEUROn Prototype UCAV

Robots will fight wars of the future. Read More »

The Navy’s New Drone Superweapon Begins Tests

The X-47B drone begins sea trials. Read More »

ACLU Demands Information on Drone Usage

The president now concedes stepped-up drone use in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. The ACLU is suing, seeking more transparency from the administration. Read More »

The Forgotten Victims of the Conflict in Pakistan

CIVIC found that civilian casualties in Pakistan were significant, even greater than those in Afghanistan. Read More »

Why Avatar Touched A Nerve

Remote warfare comes home to the cineplex. Read More »