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Interdrone: Fifteen Resources to Get You up in the Air with Your Own Drone


Want to become a drone expert? Here are some resources, provided at Interdrone, to get you started! Read More »

Interdrone: Smile for the Drone – Trends in Aerial Cinematography

norma desmond drone

In Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson’s character Norma Desmond says, “Just us, the cameras, and those wonderful people out there in the dark!... All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.” Now, there is one more element to that mix: drones. And that close-up can pull back, rise up into the air, and in one continuous shot show you all of Beverly Hills as if you're looking down from heaven. Drones' potential has not been lost on Hollywood. Read More »

Interdrone: Drones Saving Lives in Firefighting and Search and Rescue


When time is of the essence and lives are at stake, drones can make all the difference. This was the conclusion of men who have made a commitment to save the lives of others. They sat down at Interdrone, the International Drone Conference in Las Vegas, Sep-9-11, to share rescue techniques. The panel, “Saving Lives: Firefighting and Search and Rescue Tactics” was led by custom drone builder Kerry Garrison. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Sting of the Drone’ by Richard A. Clarke


Richard A. Clarke didn't just pull this story out of thin air, he has a real life history with the U.S. government and the drone program. Read More »

SOTU: Will Obama Take Responsibility for Drone War Outrage?

What the president wants to talk about tonight is a far cry from the real dangers to this nation which he should face up to. Read More »

Music Review: Broken Harbour – Gramophone Transmissions

This is an expansive and striking work of Canadian ambient and drone music. Read More »

I Hear Sparks: Kyle Bobby Dunn – Ways of Meaning

A study of sound and space. Read More »

Music Review: Dans les arbres – Dans les arbres

Dans les arbres is an audacious piece of new music from this quartet. Read More »

Music Review: Ambarchi/O’Rourke/Haino – Tima Formosa

An experimental music summit recorded live in Japan last year. Read More »

I Hear Sparks: Pyramids with Nadja – S/T

This collaboration between Toronto's drone duo and Denton's post-rockers excels thanks to its natural, dark tone. Read More »