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Arizona Pauses on Birthright Citizenship

Arizona would give a birth certificate but not citizenship to children of undocumented workers. Read More »

DVD Review: Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action Insight For Activists

A chaotic world turns into peaceful resistance through spirituality Read More »

Breaking: Colorado Introduces Arizona SB 1070 Law After MLK Marade, Racial Profiling Feared

Immigrants and people of color subject to arrest without I.D., Arizona copy cat law could costs millions. Read More »

Lawmakers Attack 14th Amendment, Create “Caste System”

New State Citizens, not always deportable, would live as second class citizens in a caste system. Read More »

Interview: Andrew Coolman – Beware of the Immigration Hustle On US Border, Russell Pearce

Officer Russell Pearce Joins Good Day in the immigration hustle somewhere on the US Mexico border! Read More »

GOP Ayotte Anounces Austerity After Tax Cut To Millionaires

Ayotte calls for unity after Republicans stopped the government until tax breaks for millionaires was passed. Read More »

Secret Places: The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico

This historic hotel has yet to be "discovered." Read More »

Updated: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Passes Senate 65 to 31

DADT moves to its final vote, while the DREAM Act fails. Read More »

I Pledge Allegiance to Me Me Me and Forget About You You YOU!

We are fighting for the conscience of America. Our personal greed and fear destroy us. Read More »