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Board Game Review: ‘Dragoon’ from Lay Waste Games


Destroy the human menace (and add some gold to your horde while you're at it). Read More »

Interview with Mike Phillips, Author of ‘The World Below’


"I thought it might be fun to try something with a modern setting while keeping strong elements of fantasy." Read More »

Book Review: Grail Mysterium: An Adventure on the Heights by Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield

With Evil taking over Boston College, can a group of college seniors find the problem before it is too late? Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Legend of the Millennium Dragon

Solid anime outing with some nice animation and a familiar story to tell. Read More »

Book Review: Catalyst: The Passage of Hellsfire by Marc Johnson

In the eternal fight between light and darkness, it will take an unusual magic to turn the tide. Read More »

Book Review: Stella The Fire Farting Dragon by J. Aday Kennedy

An entertaining and educational book that is sure to bring a huge smile to your child’s face. Read More »

Book Review: Earth Is Not Alone by John Knapp II

A story within a story, rich in belief. Read More »

Book Review: Share from the Heart by Marilyn Randall

A story of orphaned brothers who meet a lonely dragon. Can they be friends? Read More »

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Most definitely a stand-out in the Dreamworks library. Read More »