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Manga Review: Happy Boys Volume One by Makoto Tateno

A manga spin-off from a popular Japanese teleseries, Boys takes us behind the scenes of a "butler café." Read More »

Manga Review: Itazura Na Kiss Volume One by Kaoru Tada

The mega-popular comic shojo romance gets its first U.S. edition. Read More »

Manga Review: Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D Volume Two by Saiko Takaki

The second entry in this series of manga adaptations adds more s-f to the gothic/action blend. Read More »

Manga Review: Millennium Prime Minister Volume One by Eiki Eiki

Japan’s youngest prime minister falls for a girl nine years his junior - comic sparks fly. Read More »

Manga Review: Angelic Runes Volume One by Makoto Tateno

A magically powerful hero, two oracular children, a frontier filled with supernatural beasties: familiar elements smoothly worked. Read More »

Manga Review Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D Volume One by Saiko Takaki

The first in a series of manga adaptations of the popular s-f horror action series. Read More »

Manga Review: Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist Volumes One and Two by Hideyuki Kikuchi and Shin Yong-Gwan

From the author of Vampire Hunter D comes a new horror manga quasi-hero. Read More »

Manga Review: Otodama: Voice from the Dead Volume One by Youka Nitta

Two sharply-dressed detectives take on the "calloused criminals" of the streets. Read More »