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Playstation 3 Review: DMC: Devil May Cry DLC – Vergil’s Downfall

A story that didn't need to be told is executed in flawed fashion with this DLC. Read More »

PC Game Review: Dragonborn: Skyrim DLC

Skyrim finally gets the DLC it deserves. Read More »

PC Game Review: Rage: The Scorchers DLC

Care to return to Rage's scorched landscape for another look? Read More »

PlayStation 3 DLC Review: Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials

Dunwall City Trials are very much like the challenge maps in Batman: Arkham Asylum and not at all part of the narrative. Read More »

Capcom Producer Admonishes Street Fighter x Tekken Players for Hacking On-Disc DLC

A Capcom producer is upset over players hacking SFxT on-disc DLC, a problem they themselves created. Read More »

PSN Review: Choplifter HD

There is a lot to like about Choplifter HD. Read More »

PSN Review: Jurassic Park – The Game, Episodes 3 & 4

The lesson: greed is bad — and this game should suffice as proof. Read More »

PSN Review: Jurassic Park – The Game, Episode 2: “The Cavalry”

This game just fossilized itself. Read More »

PSN Review: Jurassic Park – The Game, Episode 1: “The Intruder”

I like the story, though I can't say the same for the game so far. Read More »

PSN Review: Zombie Apocalypse – Never Die Alone

I'm kind of hoping the zombie apocalypse does come — just to prevent any more trendy "zombie apocalypse" games. Read More »