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Blu-ray Review: The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection

The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection brings together Planet Earth's Special Edition and three other features in stunning HD. Read More »

TV Review: Frozen Planet

The beauty of the scenery, the struggles of the animals and the sheer power of nature is unlike anywhere else. Read More »

DVD Review: Planet Earth – Six-Disc Limited Collector’s Edition

Planet Earth is now available in a Limited Collector's Set, with the discs housed inside a globe. Read More »

TV Review: Penn And Teller Tell A Lie!

In this new show, Penn and Teller try to lie to you. Right to your faces. You must watch. Read More »

TV Preview: The Dinosaur Revolution

This four-part series is a winning choice for the Discovery Channel to kick off their fall season with. Read More »

National Geographic Airing Inside the US Secret Service

A new documentary profiles "American's Golden Boys" - one of whom is my brother. Read More »

TV Preview: Mythbusters Tackle “President’s Challenge”

President Obama asks the Mythbusters to try Archimedes's Solar Ray one more time. The 2nd team goes after Hellboy. Read More »

TV Review: Gold Rush: Alaska Premieres Friday

Rookie gold miners put it all on the line in hopes of striking it rich in Alaska. Read More »

Interview: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Mythbusters talk about Season Eight

Jamie and Adam talk Mythbusters! Read More »

TV Review: Mythbusters – “Storm Chasing Myths”

Can the Mythbusters crew find a way to test how tornado-proof the Storm Chasers vehicles are? Read More »