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Sudan, South Sudan Need Demilitarized Border

South Sudan and Sudan can choose to implement the much-needed safe demilitarized border zone instead of heading towards all-out war. Read More »


Obama's world view. Read More »

This Day in History: Eisenhower on Disarmament and Open Skies

Even though the Cold War is long over high levels of spending on armaments are not. Read More »

Street Battles in Yemen

A civil war will only plunge this already suffering country into depths from which it may never recover. Read More »

In Defense of Anarchism, Part II

Anarchism emerges as the only viable political philosophy for our times. We had better acquaint ourselves with its first principles since the movement is already well underway. Read More »

Richard Holbrooke and the Washington Most of Us Don’t Know

Few outside Washington probably appreciate Holbrooke's passing, and that's a shame. Read More »

Julian Assange, International Man of Mystery: Portrait of an Anarchist

A theory on what motivates the man who has captivated the world from his laptop. Read More »

Wikileaks’ First Casualty: Canada’s Envoy Offers to Resign

The full impact of revelation of diplomatic cables between the US’ ambassadors and the state department is yet to unveil. Read More »

Korea — Deja Vu All Over Again?

Once again the two sides of the divided Korea are close to all-out war. Read More »

Julian Assange Keeps the World on Notice

Assange and his organization, WikiLeaks, have demonstrated clearly that information and knowledge are the greatest weapons. Read More »