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Interview: Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Author of ‘The Rockstar Remedy’

The Rockstar Remedy

Interview with Dr. Gabrielle Francis author of "The Rockstar Remedy". Read More »

Seven Bogus Health Trends You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time On

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Every year people buy into more and more health trends in an attempt to lose weight and feel healthy. But all too often they buy into the wrong things. Read More »

Book Review: Rock the World Rehab by Denise Marie Nieman, Ph.D.

Rock the World Rehab is a four-step "get red carpet ready" body+mind+heart+soul detox adventure. Read More »

Warm Eggplant and Rainbow Chard Salad

A delicious, colorful, and healthful warm salad. Read More »

The Facebook and Twitter Detox – The First Few Days

Detoxing from Facebook and Twitter is like getting the flu: you get a headache, you feel achy, and you’re irritable. Read More »