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Election Eve 2014: Thoughts and Reflections


Get out and vote November 4, 2014! Or don't complain! Read More »

The London Olympics Opening Ceremonies: A Brilliant Shot Across America’s Bow

The London Olympics' opening ceremonies are a reminder that America would be wise to heed. Read More »

The Day American Democracy Suffered a Mortal Blow

Democracy in America died today. It just doesn't know it yet. Read More »

When Does Human Life Begin?

Despite abortion rights being discussed so heavily, little is said about the real issue framing the debate. Read More »

Barbara Jordan; A Lady of Firsts: An American Story

Barbara Jordan was not only a public servant, but one who shattered glass ceilings and set the highest of standards. Read More »

The Tea Party’s Cup Runneth Over With Santorum

Apparently, Santorum is the Tea Party's cup of tea during this election season! Read More »

Margaret Sanger, Reproductive Rights Revolutionary; An American Story

The story of a woman who changed the face of society with her epic struggle for personal reproductive rights. Read More »

Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, and Elephants: What Do Pets Say About Partisan Affiliation?

Whether or not you own a cat or a dog apparently makes a difference in the voting booth. Read More »

It Never Rains in Central Florida: Saying Goodbye to a Once Great City

Orlando once promised to become a revolutionary kind of city, but its downfall can teach others a lesson. Read More »

From College to Congress: The Building of a New American Dynasty?

The Wamp family of Tennessee is out to create a new noble house at your expense. Read More »