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Winter for Egyptian Democracy

Egyptian politics in the week after the constitutional referendum. Read More »

An Evening at the Souk

What time at the market can teach you about Egyptian politics. Read More »

Einstein, the Dangers of Pure Capitalism, and “Goldilocks Freedom”

"The government that governs least, governs best" - the problem with this claim is that "Nature abhors a vacuum". Read More »

Could It Be that Assange Would Be Safer in Egypt?

The way things are going Julian Assange might be safer in one of the newly freed Arab nations. Read More »

Gaddafi Hiding, Tyrants Around the World Quaking

Libyan leader Gaddafi is hiding as protesters appear on the brink of taking power. Read More »

Celebrating The Egyptian Revolution

The winds of change have never blown sweeter on the land of the pharaohs. Read More »

The Founding Fathers Would Be With the Crowd in Egypt

Thanks to the immediacy of the Internet and the spirit and resolve of the Egyptian people, it did not take them years to overthrow their King George: they only needed seventeen days. Read More »

Arab World Order May Be Falling Apart

With Arabs demanding freedom in country after country, it may be impossible for all the sultans' horses and all the king's men to put the Middle East back together again. Read More »

The Riddle of Egypt

Egyptian opposition rejects claims of progress Read More »

The Voice of Reason: A Few Words of Caution About the Rebellions in Egypt

Before calling for Mubarak's removal, we should consider exactly what would happen if this were to take place. Read More »