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The National Benefit of Higher Taxes

Conservatives are quite right that taxes are wealth redistribution. They just don't realize how this benefits all Americans. Read More »

American Honor

How can I be a proud American when I can't find any pride or honor in our politicians? Read More »

How Should We Define the Success of a Government?

A defense of statism against those who confuse America's comprehensive level of government with tyranny. Read More »

Book Review: No, We Can’t: Radical Islam, Militant Secularism and the Myth of Coexistence by Robert Stearns

Can radical Islam, militant secularism and Judeo-Christianity co-exist in a free democratic society? Probably not. Read More »

Forget the Apocalypse: Four Things to Actually Worry About in 2012

2011 was exciting, but 2012 is likely to be even scarier. Here are four things to be concerned about. Read More »

Crisis In Egypt

Democracy is more than just removing an incumbent Read More »

Norway: the Progressive West Slippery Slope

Avoiding easy labels for political gain, but taking stock all the same. Read More »

Waiting for the Advent of the Sunset Poet

Rudyard Kipling heralded the passing of England's mantle of global leadership. Who will do the same for America? Read More »

The Paradox of Politics

There is a paradox at the heart of American democracy. Read More »

A Democracy of Opinions

Public opinion does not a good democracy make. Read More »