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Who Needs NPR?

House Republicans voted their conscience, and this tells us everything we need to know. It’s not about the money. Read More »

The War on Obama, and The Death of Civility in America

The most serious casualty in this war on Obama, is the death of civility and fair play in America. Read More »

Republicans Have Offered No Vision For Their Cuts

The GOP's lack of coherence has left natural allies worried about 'reckless cutting.' Read More »

America’s Military: The Tactical Evolutionary Lag and the Price Being Paid for It

The reality of what war as a business has done to our country. Read More »

Drastic Cuts in Spending are Needed Now

To avoid food riots spreading to the U.S., Washington must fix its fiscal and monetary problems. Read More »

A New Solution for Deficit Reduction: Hire Russ Feingold

The defeated senator is a liberal with a strong interest in deficit reduction—and available to serve. Read More »

The State of Obama’s Dissed Union

Before long, the American People won't believe in America anymore, for there won't be any profit in doing so. Read More »

Book Review: TheTea Party Revival: The Conscience of A Conservative Reborn by Dr. B. Leland Baker

Open your eyes to uncontrolled federal spending and why it's unconstitutional Read More »

The GOP Health Care Plan – At Least It Has Numbers!

It's a lot of fun watching kids play with numbers for the first time! Read More »

How to Reduce Unemployment and the National Debt Simultaneously

“Well done is better than well said.” — Benjamin Franklin. That being said, here’s what we can do. Read More »