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The Two Parties: Republicans Are Politically Impotent; Democrats Remember Why They Became Democrats in the First Place

You know the shoe really is on the other foot in Washington when it's the Republicans who can't get anything done, and the Democrats are the ones who stand up and fight. Read More »

History and Consequences

The consequence of default would crank up borrowing costs and flush the US economy back into the toilet of recession. Read More »

The Republican Big Lies about Taxes and Government Spending

Taxes are too high! And the cow jumped over the moon. Read More »

The Sad Pointlessness Of John Boehner

Love her or hate her, Nancy Pelosi accomplished much as House speaker. The same can't be said for John Boehner. Read More »

Mr. President, Focus On Jobs If You Want To Keep Yours

It's time for Barack Obama to his the 'reset button' on the economy, before the White House gets a reset in 2012. Read More »

Have You Gotten the Economic Wake-up Call Yet?

Republican theories aren't helping the economy. It's time to hold both parties accountable. Read More »

Sitting Around and Waiting for Something Good to Happen Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore.

American people need to take control of the real debate about our future. Read More »

Perceptions from across the Pond

A look at a few of the differences and similarities between America and Britain. Read More »

The Sleeping Giant has Awakened

Fiscal irresponsibility has caused quite a stir. Better heads shall prevail. Read More »

“What We Cut is Much More Important Than How Much We Cut”

The Washington budget battle is about more than money. It's about basic fairness. Read More »