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What I’d Love to See in the Next State of the Union Address

The Republicans want the power to determine how our economy should go. I say let's give it to them! Read More »

“I Hope Obama Fails” Just Took On a Whole New Meaning

The GOP path back to power comes with a price that I doubt very many of them would want to pay. Read More »

Hating Obama and Raising Money

Remember the GOP "Pledge to America?" Hate Obama. Vote Republican. Read More »

Why He Will

The debt downgrade, a lousy economy, constant criticism: Why Obama will win again. Read More »

Standard & Poor’s Downgrade: U.S. Going the Wrong Way?

Both sides of the political wall have remained staunch in upholding their own party's ideologies. Read More »

The Debt Deal: A Victory for the Establishment

If Tea Party politicians overwhelmingly voting against the deal wasn't evidence enough... Read More »

On the Nonresolution of the Debt Crisis

The crisis remains unresolved. Read More »

Beyond “Lesser of Two Evils”

Voter unrest stirs the currents of campaign finance reform; will the real, interested parties show up? Read More »

The Self-Marginalization of Barack Obama

As our commander in chief, the president of the United States is supposed to lead. Barack Obama has done everything but that. Read More »

President Obama: “The American People are Fed Up”

After House Speaker John Boehner walked out of debt-ceiling talks, President Obama speaks to the press. Read More »