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TV Review: ‘Breaking Bad’ – A Colossal Wreck

bad 1 amc

Gilligan has always said is that he wants to give the fans the ending they are not just expecting but are wanting, so we have two more episodes to get to the dénouement that the series (and the fans) deserve. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Breaking Bad’ – Even a “Rabid Dog” Has Its Day

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Breaking Bad is like a rich, textured novel that forces us to keep turning the pages, wanting to know what happens, but wishing it would never end. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Breaking Bad’ – “Confessions” Are Bad for Your Soul

confessions 1

With five episodes to go we are getting the best we could possible expect from series creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan, from an amazing cast, and powerful stories from terrific writers. Read More »

TV Review: Breaking Bad – “Problem Dog”

Breaking Bad ratchets up the intensity to another level, with Jesse and Hank facing some big tasks. Read More »

TV Review: Breaking Bad – “Box Cutter” and “Thirty-Eight Snub”

Breaking Bad gets grittier, and showcases some deep emotional development. Read More »