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How Are Companies Managing Excessive Data?

Junk Data

Two types of data management are slowly but surely reshaping the industry. Read More »

Book Review: Bad Data Handbook by Q Ethan McCallum

Bad Data Handbook does a coverage of sources of bad data and how to deal with it in different contexts. Read More »

Just Released: Real Time Facebook Analytics

Facebook Page Insights now reports data with a latency of 5-10 minutes, not two or more days. Read More »

Facebook Timeline Delivers on Brand Engagement

Does the new Facebook Timeline design do anything to improve fan engagement with brands? A new study released last week says yes. Read More »

Google Wallet is Ready – is Earth Ready for it?

Google Wallet has launched, but is the general public ready for mobile payments? Read More »

Where’s The Data Behind Our Political Decision Making?

Making informed choices at the voting booth: Can I get an app for that? Read More »

Book Review: Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business by David Siegel

Imagine yourself at the center of your device mesh, connected to all the world, pulling what you want towards you. Read More »

Book Review: Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger

Would it be better if our data storage was as forgetful as the human brain? Read More »

Emergency Data Destruction

Tools for destroying your data in an emergency situation. Read More »