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Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan’s Famous Homecoming Kiss… For His Boyfriend

marine kiss

The story of a gay soldier’s homecoming kiss that went viral around the world. Read More »

GOP Ayotte Anounces Austerity After Tax Cut To Millionaires

Ayotte calls for unity after Republicans stopped the government until tax breaks for millionaires was passed. Read More »

Updated: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Passes Senate 65 to 31

DADT moves to its final vote, while the DREAM Act fails. Read More »

Repeal of DADT Must Happen

Through whatever means, DADT must end; the continued practice of government-sponsored discrimination is the ultimate American blight. Read More »

The Ongoing Struggle of LGBT Americans

Chronicling the trials of LGBT Americans in the past two years, and identifying ongoing troubles. Read More »

John McCain Stands with Discrimination

John McCain continues his decline from respected moderate to controversial far-right advocate in his new stance on DADT. Read More »

GOP Proves Their Organization

In a surprise move, the GOP proves its intention to leverage its newfound majority in the coming year. Read More »

Time for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to End

I fear we, as a culture, will never truly be able to learn from our past; many will always justify the mistreatment of some class of people. Read More »

The Modern Battle for Equality

Sexual orientation should not be a reason to deny some of our citizens the basic rights others enjoy. Read More »

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell No Longer in Effect – For Now

Don't Ask Don't tell is a thing of the past--for now. Read More »