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TV Review: ‘Dads’ – ‘Pilot’


Dads' premise had the makings of a decent comedy series, but when the time came to toss out some jokes, Read More »

TV Review: ‘Dads’ – ‘Pilot’


Charting Seth Greens career is sort of like a Greek tragedy. Read More »

Interview: Kelly Starling Lyons, Author of One Million Men and Me

Like a quilt of moving pieces, we walked together, singing songs that made my heart dance. Read More »

Life Lessons on Being a Dad: The Importance of Being Around

Can a dad really balance work and family in an era of job cutbacks? Read More »

My Old Man Was A Giant!

He was a Giant. Figuratively, if not literally. But even when he was dying of cancer, when his voice boomed — you listened. Read More »

The Things My Father Showed Me

Sometimes the real tributes — and the real examples — are the unspoken ones. Read More »


Can you pass the ultimate test of fatherhood? Read More »