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Eight Ways to Improve Your Team’s Customer Service Skills


It’s difficult to move on from a certain school of thought or way of doing things, but if you want to improve customer service and efficiency, it’s important to facilitate change in the office. Read More »

Reverse Culture Shock: Customer Service in the U.S. is Ridiculous


If you want my business, try the novel idea of actually conducting one. Read More »

DVD Return Policies Need a Change


Have you tried to return an unopened DVD to the store recently without a receipt? Read More »

Book Review: Turning Rants Into Raves: Turn Your Customers on Before They Turn On You! by Randi Busse and Carol Heady

Customer service is more important now than ever before. Read More »

Doing the Right Thing Can Be Healthy

Health-giving characteristics: satisfaction, gratitude, honesty, trust, and more. Read More »

The Simplest Rules are the Best: Controlling Retail Rage

As we all get more tense in retail situations, don't forget elementary rules of conduct. Don't forget the Golden Rule. Read More »

Trouble with Sirius-XM: A Customer Service Odyssey

Here's how to resolve any Sirius-XM billing issues you may be experiencing, without suffering during the process. Read More »

Epiphany in Golden Flames on the IS Wall

I interpret the fiery script... Read More »

Twitter: The New Customer Service

Customer service via Twitter hits home. Read More »

Book Review: The System’s Bitch by John Wright

Tired of poor customer service? Are you "The System's Bitch?" Read More »